Good Chinese wood pellet stove fireplace

The fireplace by convection and thermal radiation, Uniform heating, warm mode natural and comfortable,it has good dehumidifier Function. It especially suitable for the winter cold, damp climate environment, very beneficial to health.

No.: : HR-RF90
Brand : : HR
Size: :

New type pellet stove biomass china cast iron wood burner stoves solar stove


Size460*500*875mm  Weight45KG  Heating area50-60 m2

Charging tank volume16kg  Quantity of fuel0.5-1.2kg/h

Power Consumption0.1KW  Container capacity16kg

Air supply temperature (hot air)40~110℃  

Air supply (hot air)360 m3/h  Rated Voltage220VAC/50Hz

Chimney diameter70mm   Soot Content Standards<50mg/m3


Size:500*500*865mm           Weight:71KG                       Heating area:60-80 m2

Charging tank volume:17 kg  Quantity of fuel:0.8-2.2kg/h        Power Consumption:<0.1KW

The fireplace by convection and thermal radiation, Uniform heating, warm mode natural and comfortable,it has good dehumidifier Function. It especially suitable for the winter cold, damp climate environment, very beneficial to health.

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 Packed in honeycomb paper box ,every item has its own package size,you can send us your ship marks and we will make your marks on boxes.To a degree,stoves are heavy,but honeycomb paper box won't add too much weight to this,while it can still helps to avoid wears for surface of items.

Shippng is fast ,usually a month after you place your order .

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We are a manufacture for pellet stove with 11 years experience.Our products passed Germany TUV test,all comply with EU standard,the quality is guaranteed.

With our strongest team of engineers, technicians, sales support and shipping personnel , as well as the best-stocked warehouse We strive to provide our customers with excellent service, superior products and unmatched value.


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1,Energy conservation and environment protection

Biomass pellet fuel in fireplace fully burning, use of advanced heat transfer system, Perfect use of the heat energy released, low exhaust emissions.

2,Safe and beautiful

The fireplace is my company independent research and development, design, production, has a number of invention patents. Open oven door automatically put out the fire,and high temperature alarm automatically ceasefire security measures.


3,Healthy and Comfortable

Flame thermal radiation is good for healthy skin and respiratory health, true fire produced by infrared promotes bone growth, reduce the probability of the onset of arthritis and rheumatism.

4,low-carbon life

In use process always stay smoke-free state, all kinds of crops straw recycling to reduce the probability of farmers burning straw,solved the farmers winter heating fees, reasonably.

5,Remote control of intelligent

Has manual operation and full remote control two patterns, mode switchover at any time, free to set fire size, appointment set ignition and put out the fire’s time, allowing you to easily control the temperature change that occupy the home.


6,Economical and practical

Suitable for any room to install, do not need to destroy the building structure, Fuel supply convenient and cheaper, Less than 1CNY per hour (about 100 - square - meter room)


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Terms for warranties

We hereby guarantee that the warranty period for main components of the stove is two years in the following cases.
1. The stove was operated and maintained in accordance with the requirements and instructions in the operating manual,
2. The stove is installed and maintained only by qualified dealer or technical personnel.
Within two-year warranty, only the following components and parts can be repaired:
• Glass
• Seals
• Thermocouple
• PC board
• Auger motor
• Exhaust blower
• Convection Blower
• Igniter


Our Sweet Service:
♥. Pre-sale service: design and manufacture machines for you as your special requirements, provide you with project, process design, and purchase programm.
♥. On-sale service: accompany with you to look around our factory, explain the manufacture process of our machines, and check the working performance of our machines.
♥. After-sale service: engineers are available to install and debugging equipments of the whole production line, besides, commissioning and training operators on site.


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The company mainly produces and operates biomass burners, biomass boilers, biomass forming equipment, biomass fuels, all kinds of environmental dust removal equipment and other product lines. The company to develop energy efficient environmentally friendly biomass energy as the basic, to expand the biomass energy value chain as the guide, to develop low-carbon recycling economy as the goal.

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